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We know that hiring a nanny can be complicated and fraught with difficulties. Choosing someone to look after the most treasured of people, your children, is very important to parents, so we’ve laid out a process that is clear and simple. Following all the stages in this process carefully can help prevent many problems and misunderstandings down the road. With the right candidate, you and your family will spend less time stating the obvious to your nanny and spend more time enjoying the benefits of having.  
Clarifying your needs
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Check References
Some people prefer to check references at this stage before meeting the candidate face to face. Profiles at Nanny includes contact details of references. Always speak to references personally to get a clearer idea of the nanny you wish to hire. References should ideally be previous employers, not friends or relatives.

Questions to ask a reference might include:

• When did she work with your family?
• How many children do you have? What are their ages?
• What kind of nanny position was it? Did she live with you or was it part time? Was it as nanny or babysitter or in some other function?
• Would you recommend her as a nanny or babysitter? Why?
• How would you describe her character?
• What are her strengths?
• Do you recall any outstanding moments during her time with you?
• Do you have any criticisms of her work during her time with you?
• Were there times when you were less than happy with the way she worked? Please elaborate.

Once you’ve received answers, you can decide whether this person still fits your ideal candidate, and if so, proceed to the next stage.