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We know that hiring a nanny can be complicated and fraught with difficulties. Choosing someone to look after the most treasured of people, your children, is very important to parents, so we’ve laid out a process that is clear and simple. Following all the stages in this process carefully can help prevent many problems and misunderstandings down the road. With the right candidate, you and your family will spend less time stating the obvious to your nanny and spend more time enjoying the benefits of having.  
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Finding Foreign Live-in Nannies or live-in Caregivers who are already in Canada has a large number of especially qualified, foreign caregivers residing in Canada and currently looking for work.
You may ask yourself  “What would be the advantage of hiring a foreign caregiver?” Read on and we will tell you how you could benefit from the services offered by a foreign caregiver, who is already in Canada.

First of all, it is well known that foreign caregivers are very much sought after because they tend to have a great deal of excellent caregiver qualifications. They are usually very dedicated to their profession and many have extensive nursing and medical backgrounds. Many families worry about the expense of hiring a foreign caregiver since employing a foreign caregiver residing abroad means paying for the flight to bring your caregiver over to Canada, in addition to the large waiting time it usually takes to get their visas organized at the Canadian embassy. The beauty of hiring a foreign caregiver who is already in Canada is that you do not have to deal with these issues.

The fact that these caregivers are already in Canada means that you have the added benefit of meeting them face to face prior to hiring them in addition to receiving recommendations from previous Canadian employers. This is understandably an important issue for some people who do not feel comfortable hiring a person they have never met in person.

One more advantage of hiring a foreign caregiver that has already lived and worked in Canada is that your caregiver will already be more proficient in English/ French and acclimatized to life in Canada, meaning much of the cultural differences which could cause inconvenience and misunderstandings at the beginning of the caregiver-family matches have been eliminated

Since foreign caregivers living in Canada, are scarce, and very much sought after, how would you even go about looking to hire one? is the #1 source for just that. Along with the thousands of other caregivers on the extensive database, families can quickly and easily find extremely capable, qualified and experienced foreign caregivers residing in Canada. To find them, simply search through the profiles of the qualified nannies and just make sure that the nanny profile contains the field “Live in Caregiver Program Required”.

Once you have decided that you want to hire a foreign nanny already living in Canada there are a few quick and easy steps to you must carry out.

Firstly it is important to ensure that the caregiver you have selected is legally able to work in Canada. It is illegal for any caregiver to work without a valid permit and it is a crime to employ a worker who is not authorized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. For this reason it is not possible to hire a caregiver on a trial basis to find out if they are suitable. Your caregiver must formally apply for a work permit with your name as the employer to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The caregiver's application must include proof that you, the employer, received a positive Labour Market Opinion.
Another issue to keep in mind when hiring a foreign caregiver in Canada is that you are obligated to give evidence that you have enough income to cover the costs of hiring a caregiver. In addition you must be able to provide accommodation for your live in caregiver.

Once you have searched the database and selected a caregiver that you want to hire, you must then contact the HRSDC  to obtain an LMO (Labour Market Opinion) and they will validate your offer of employment. Since your caregiver must show this LMO when applying for a work permit, is vital you get one and not miss this step.
To obtain more information about the Live-in Caregiver Program, you can contact the HRSDC at 877 227 4577 (toll-free).

Should you require assistance in processing the paperwork necessary for hiring a live-in caregiver, please feel free to contact us.