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How can work for you?
Nanny Services offers incredible benefits for both employers and job seekers in Canada. It is easy to use and puts you at the center of your job or caregiver search. In your own time and at your own pace you can browse through the thousands of job postings and caregiver profiles on our extensive and continually updated database to find exactly what you are looking for.
Customer Service:
Havenít found the answer to your question below? Simply contact us by clicking on "Contact Us" or on 888-369-8819 and one of our customer service operators will be in contact with you shortly.
Service Benefits:
Benefits for Employers
Every employer that registers and subscribes to will not only have full access to the database of thousands of jobseekers but will also have the opportunity to create as many job postings as they like so that job seekers can also find them. Our sophisticated system has been designed to enable you to modify your search to screen nannies according to your specific requirements, in order to find only the most suitable candidates. understands that you know better than anyone who will best fit the needs of your family, and that is why you are given full control to search and contact applicants directly. Why pay thousands of dollars in agency fees for a middle man when you are the expert on who will be right for your family.
Benefits for Job Seekers has been created to help you find the perfect job quickly and efficiently. Every job seeker that joins nanny services will be given the opportunity to create a nanny profile. The thousands of potential employers will be able to search our database and contact you directly with employment opportunities. Once you have registered with you also have the additional benefit of searching our thousands of job postings to contact employers directly. With our specially designed system you have double the chance of finding the best job in the shortest amount of time.
General FAQ:
Q. Iíve lost my password. How can I find it?
A. Please on click the link "Forgot password?" and it will open a form where you should enter the email address that you registered with. We will send your username and password directly to that email address within a couple of minutes. If you use spam or junk mail filters, you must set your filters to accept all mail from
Q. How do I renew/deactivate my account?
A. To renew or deactivate an account,  simply log in to the site, and press on "Change Account Status " on the My Account page menu.
Q. How do I upload a photo?
A. Log in to the site and go to the My Account page. There you will see a link on the left called ďUpload My Photo." Click on that and simply follow the instructions. The photo must be JPG format and less than 300KB in size.
Q. How do I report a problem Iím having with the site?
A. Please let us know immediately if something is not operating correctly on the site by clicking on "Contact Us"

FAQs for Families/Employers looking for care:
Q. How can help me find a Nanny/ babysitter or elderly care/ companion or Housekeeper?
A. As a member at you will be given access to our extensive database that offers you the opportunity to search for caregivers that meet your specific requirements. In order to obtain the contact details of any caregiver you simply have to register on the site and purchase a subscription
On purchasing your subscription you will immediately receive full access to the database, including the contact information of all of the available babysitters, nannies, caregivers and housekeepers. You can modify your search with our preference options to find candidates that meet your specific needs. You can then contact directly any number of potential employees by email or phone. You can also double your chance of finding your ideal caregiver quickly by posting your position on our job board so that potential employees will be able to find and contact you by email.
Q: How can I contact a care provider?
 A: Once you have registered and subscribed to a membership please log in to your account to search for nannies, babysitters, caregivers and household workers. Each caregiver profile will contain a contact form for you to fill in and your message will be forwarded to the caregiver on your behalf. You will receive a notification of response to your email directly. You can then log in to read and respond to the messages from My Inbox. Most caregivers also advertise the phone number and you will be able to call them directly
Q. How can I post a job?
A: We advise that every employer advertises their job description on our job board to allow caregivers to search and contact you directly. Simply go to My Account, click on My Jobs and click on the Post New Job link. We have created the option to post multiple jobs in the case that you are looking to fill a number of positions in your household.
Q: How can I remove a job I have posted?
A: Simply go to My Account, click on My Jobs and click on the Archive your job link. Your contact information will be removed you will no longer receive emails or telephone calls from potential applicants in relation to this position.
Q. How much does it cost?
Basic Membership: By joining as a Basic member you will not be charged for use of services, but you will only receive limited access to the service. You will be able to search our database to view all the available caregivers in your area, but you will not be able to view their contact details or references.
Premium membership: By joining as a premium member you will receive full access to the services that we have to offer, including the contact details and references of each advertised caregiver. You can also post an unlimited number of job postings, with full descriptions of your specific care needs. All subscriptions are automatically renewed at the end of each subscription period.
Click here to view premium membership costs
How do I cancel my membership to
To cancel your membership, simply log in to your Account and click Account Settings from the menu on the left. Click on My Subscription from the opened menu on the left. And then select the cancel subscription link to cancel your subscription.
How do I deactivate a Account?
To deactivate your account, log in to your Account and click on Account Settings from the menu on the left and select deactivate account. You can reactivate your account at anytime
Q. Can I make changes to my information later, after Iíve finished filling out the membership forms?
A. Yes and it is even advisable to update and improve your posting on an ongoing basis on the site.
Q. How much will I have to pay my nanny?
A. Your nanny's salary will be subject to a a variety of factors including; length and type of prior work experience, your requirements, the number of children you have, your children ages, the job's location and the number of working hours required. The salary should not be less than the minimum provincial wage determined by each province.
You are free to negotiate this salary based on the skills and experience of your nanny when you set out the conditions of the contract.
Q. What is Nanny Share and how does it work?
A. In Nanny Share, 2 (or more) families hire one nanny to watch their children. The nanny receives a higher salary but because her salary is split between the families, each family pays less. Register for Basic Membership and you can find and contact families in your area that want to share a nanny, also. Upgrade to Premium Membership, and you can advertise your Nanny Share ad for other families to see and contact you. Premium Membership also allows you access to nanny contact information, so you will be able to search and contact the nannies who will work in a nanny share arrangement.
FAQs for Job Seekers looking for a job:
Q. How can help me find a Great Job?
A. Register and advertise your profile on our web site where thousands of potential employers who are looking for a care provider just like you will be able to view it and contact you directly. After registration you will be given free access to our jobs board. Search through the jobs and contact any employers directly.
Q: How can I contact an employer?
A: Once you have registered with please log in to your account to search for jobs. Each job contains a contact form for you to fill in that will be forwarded to the employer. Most employers advertise a phone number in their job posting for you to call them directly.
Q. Is there a charge for using the site?
A. This site is free for job seekers.
What is a Criminal Record Check and how do I get one?
A Criminal Record Check is a vital document used by potential employers to assess your trustworthiness and to prove that you have no criminal convictions.
Every family will look upon you more favorably if you present this check to them and so if you have not already done so, it is essential that that you obtain one immediately. has partnered with, an organization that carries out online Criminal Record Checks quickly and easily. Simply register at the site and obtain your criminal record check in just 3 days and at a special price for users. Your profile will then show potential employers that you have carried out this vital security check.
Click on the link to obtain your Criminal Record Check in just 3 days!
Q. Why do I need to answer so many questions?
A. Keep in mind that the more time you spend on your account, the better your chances are for finding the perfect candidate or job. Nannies are using the site to search for jobs the same way that families are using it to search for nannies. The more information you provide about what you want, the more you will attract appropriate nannies/or families.
Q. Do I have to fill out the forms all at once, or can I stop and return later to finish?
A. You can to fill out the forms all at once, but always come back to add or change any information.
Q. Can I make changes to my information later, after Iíve finished filling out the membership forms?
A. Yes and it is even advisable to update and improve your posting on an ongoing basis on the site.
Q. How long will it take to complete the subscription process?
A. We estimate that it will take approximately 5-15 minutes.
Q. How can I remove my profile from the search results?
A. Log in to your Account and click on Change Status, then click Deactivate Account at the bottom of the comment box. You may reactivate your profile by clicking Change Status, then click Reactivate Your Account.
(Please note: To completely remove your profile from the system, please call or email Customer Service)