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  Safety Tips was created as a safe, secure and easy way to find employment and although almost all potential employers that use our site are genuine there are scam artists looking to take advantage of you at every turn in the jobseeker process. takes this matter very seriously and believes it is vital that all caregivers protect themselves from fraud. It is essential that any suspicions you may have about a position advertised or an employer that has contacted you are reported immediately to customerservice AT

Scam artists are very good at what they do and scams are often elaborate, involving false references, supposed lawyers, travel agents and other professionals. It is essential that you are aware that there are internet job scammers out there that specifically target sites offering care providers. To learn how to protect yourself from such scams please read our tips below.

Tips to protect yourself from scam artists.
  1. Deal locally with people you can meet in person or engage in a local phone call.
    See the following example.
    "We reside in the United Kingdom and we will be coming to Canada in about two weeks and we need a babysitter for our 4 year daughter"
    If you receive a message with content similar to this 99% of the time it is a SCAM!
    Always Remember to DEAL LOCALLY
  2. If someone is offering you something to good to be true it probably is a scam.
  3. Never accept any advanced checks for your work, from someone you have never met in person. Scam artists often send fake checks and after ask you to return money by western union to them or a third party.
  4. Never accept bank deposits to your bank account from someone you have never met in person. Scammers are capable of hacking into someone else's bank account, transferring the money to your account, then requesting you to return this money to them or purchase some goods on their behalf.
  5. If someone asks you to send money, including the use of Bitcoin currency or Bitcoin machines, it is a SCAM.
  6. Never give out your credit card number, bank account information, personal ID or social security number to anyone posing as an employer.
  7. Care providers should be extremely wary of anyone offering them a position without an interview, meeting or any form of personal contact
  8. Never wire, send by Western Union, Money Gram or by any other means money to a potential employer.
  9. Beware of grammatical and English spelling errors in the messages you receive. Often these scam artists are working from countries where English is not the first language.
  10. With any doubt or suspicion regarding any message you receive or job posting you view contact immediately at customerservice AT

An example of a scam

At first glance this looks real but read right until the end.
Someone claiming to be a potential employer will send you a certified check for $3700 (or pay by Paypal). Your bank will receive this certified bank check and will deposit the money into your bank account for you to use immediately- it is certified after all. This potential employer will explain that you are to keep the $700 yourself and send on the $3000 to a specific place as a favor for them by Western Union or Money Gram. You do as they say and send the $3000 to the required destination. A few days later you receive a call from your bank telling you that the original certified check you received was a fake and you now owe the bank $3000. There is no way to retrace or retrieve this money as you sent it by Money Gram or Western Union

Alternatively a scam artist may send you a check for $3700- an advance on your salary but then decide not to hire you and ask you to return the money by Western union or Money Gram.

A scam artist may also transfer money to your bank account from some hacked account and ask you to return the money by Western union or use this money to pay for something.

Remember to never accept money in any way from someone you have never met in person.


SCAM EMAILS and SMS, most of them come from Nigeria, they can use local phone numbers:

From: Benjamin Potter <>
From: Kevin Moore <>

Thanks so much for getting back to me, My Name is Kevin Moore, my wife's name is Berenice. Our first child her name is Monica, A little about my family. its no doubt We are very nice family and when people meet us, they sense it before long. We love epic movies because We love adventures, stories of the ancient times and anything related to real life story; especially love stories and we are a Christian family ...

Little about Monica, she 5years old. Monica is a talented daughter and very bright. she is fun loving, kind and lovely.. Monica like to colorful and playing with crayon , she like outdoor playing...She like playing piano, she always Slosh, stir, stand on one foot, or just quietly observe.

We are in the process of re-locating back to your city. I will be working on a contract basis with the Canada Department of Health & Human Services in your area doing private research work, We would be needing the service of a caring person with positive personality to take good care of her for Minimum of six months on a part time basis. Moreover, I will need someone who could be taking care of my daughter while I am off to work because we are expecting our second child soon and it will be very stressful for my wife to do this by herself and i will appreciate if you can recommend a good doctor for her when we arrive.. I want to be certain you are fit for this position, you will need to prove yourself to be a reliable, honest, and hard working person., who can help my wife as personal assistant when necessary. You would only be needed for 4 hours in a day, 3 days in a week, which is Mon-Wed-Fri from 3pm -7pm, so let me know if the time and day is okay or we can adjust it , ok

So I will like you to get back to me with your charges per hour, because I only target $530 per week, It's okay if you prefer to be a live-out as I can drop her at your home every time, I do not mind a live-in if you can take care of her in our home, Our arrival date would be 25TH of July , you will start working on same day. I will instruct the landlord to mail the keys and description of the house to you so you can know the location. Also, you will help us in purchasing groceries and other few things for our home complex before the day of our arrival.

If you accept this position, I will instruct my finance manager to process the a payment for your first week upfront payment so that i can be rest assured of your availability for the job. As soon as I discuss everything with my finance manager i will get back to you on how you will be receiving the payment, and help us do some errands upon our arrival.

If this employment opportunity is acceptable to you, my financier would be needing the following for background check on you, your first week payment and further proceedings to take place:

Full Name:
Full Home Address or Office Address (where payment should be mailed to )
Apt # :
City :
Postal Code :
Cell Phone Number (Best time to call Day/Night) :
How old are you?
Do you Drive? Do you have a car?
Do you know how to cook and what are your favorite meals?

Most importantly, Hopefully we can build a good relationship with trust, pending our meeting. I'll need your total honesty, organizational skill and ability to carry out the task with less or no supervision. Am sure you will enjoy the time you will spend with my family. I will be waiting to read from you.

From : ((504)-408-0415)

I am looking for caring and honest person to watch my children while i work during our stay in Canada and a friend introduced the site to me. I was searching on Childcare/ Babysitter when i got your post as a Childcare and Babysitter, i am interested in your service a babysitter/Childcare for my children (kate and julie). I would like you to watch over them in your Location while i am at work. I reside in Italy and i will be coming to Canada in two weeks time cos i just got transferred to Canada and duration of your service will be from Monday-Friday or depending on your schedule. I would like to know if they will be taking care of in your childcare home or my place cos any of these is okay by me, julie is 2 and kate 4. I will be waiting patiently for your email indicating the cost of everything mean the price for your service, how long you will be available to take care of my children, how much is your charge per hour. I will be glad to read back from you So please get back to me as soon as you can if you will be able available for the service and where about are you located?.


good to read from you again, yes i am employing you right from now on,i am happy you are dedicated to look after my kids and i am sure we will all have a good time over there when we arrive, $2,700 is not too much for my kids, all i want is good care for them and there happiness is what i want always, i fought so hard to have them to me from there father, my company is responsible for my well being with my kids over there so i have to show them proof that i have made necessary arrangement for my stay over there with my kids so they can release my transfer fund for me,i will pay you in advance through PayPal and if you do not have a PayPal account, you can set up one in less than five minutes on Therefore, i want you to get back to me with paypal money request covering the cost for me to transfer the funds asap. I would have love to communicate and discuss this via Phone but i could not hear so well but you can get back to me on skype with my user name kattydonmez I hope to read back from you again.


From: Jamie Stone (#28421)

How are you doing? I'm Crystal Stone and my husband is Jamie Stone from London United Kingdom, we will be coming for a 3 weeks vacation to your area on a Missionary trip from April 4th- April 29th 2011.We will be coming with our 3 year old baby boy (Simeon) and your service will be needed to babysit him on a daily basis from April 4th- April 29th, between 9am-4pm from Monday through Friday of every week. We have read through your profile and we see you are the perfect match for the kind of baby sitter we want to take care of our baby for us .

Simeon is our only child and we will need you to take proper care of him for us because he is all we have got,he is a baby you would always want to be with even after your service as the sitter expires ,because he is friendly and always happy whenever he is among his peer groups.

We will like to know if you will be able to offer this service, If yes kindly get back with your quote for the service ,duration as specified.
Thanks and God bless
Crystal and Jamie Stone

The messages from : Marc Woodruff (#35401)

Hello Au pair,
I am Mr Paul Wayne, 40 years old from United Kingdom I work as a Business Development Manager in United Kingdom and I don't usually stay home unless during weekend I am an American.And my wife is Arnette works as a Library Keeper. My contact address is (4 Cavell House Gables Drive Thorpe Road Peterborough PE3 6DA United Kingdom). I will like you to know that I have just two kids which are Scott and Sherman there names their ages are 3-5 I need an Au pair or nanny who can take care of my kids and we will live together as a family.Your duties will be taking the kids to school and bringing them back home, play with them, go to museums, playground, watching movies, prepare/serving their snacks and foods.You will have your Private Room which will have Bathroom, Toilet, Television,Air-Conditional. You will have access to the Internet and a Telephone at home to get in touch with your friends and loved ones.You will be having Saturdays and Sundays as your off days, so to enable you have enough time for yourself. As for your salary, I will be paying you 2700 Pounds every month and a pocket fee of 350 Pounds weekly which I suppose should be Okay by you and as I hope to read from you soon.

Please email this inquiry
Your CV:
just a breakdown of who you are:
your pictures:
what your interests :
why you want to work with children:
Your Full Name :
Civil Status:

Kind regards,
Mr Paul Wayne.

The messages from : Sherry James

Are you looking for a part time job other than babysitting? I am looking for someone who can handle my personal and business errands at his/her spare time. Someone who can offer me these services:
Receive my mails and drop them off at Fedex(nothing illegal).
Shop for Gifts
Sit for delivery( at your home) or pick items up at nearby post office at your convenience.

Let me know if you will be able to offer me any of these services.
I have a position for you, please contact me at and I will give you more details on the job.
Thank you.


How are you doing today? Hope fine. I just want to use this channel to ask if you will be available to work for my family.

My name is JERRY.P. Mark and my wife name is Jenny Mark, we are living and working as a foreign investor in CAIRO which is the capital city of EGYPT, but we are from Belgium by origin, we will be relocating to canada on the 11th of June, we need someone who will start working with our family on 11th of June 2010,because we were going to be very busy that is why we need someone to be in charge of our child.

The name of our child is Maria, 5 years and about 3 months old. We need someone during the week (Monday to Friday) and another person on weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

We will need someone as well for (Wednesday from to Friday evening, 4pm to 7pm) you will be resuming work by 8am and close by 3:30pm from Monday to Friday.

On weekend, Saturday you will resume work by 8am to 3:30pm, but on Sunday you will resume by 11am to 3:30pm, because we will be going to church together with her. The third offer is from 4pm to 7pm.

Our offer for Monday to Friday is $600.00 and for weekend is $200.00 , and the Wednesday to Friday evening is $300.00 as well. Just choose the one that please you or let me know if you can do both,which will be seven days all together, and your money will be added together for you. A car can be provided for you, if needed.

Our new house address is (Scammers advertise CANADIAN ADDRESS- We found that the home for sale). where your service is needed at.

I want you to contact me through my personal email, so i can always receive your message in time, because am always on it, (GET BACK TO ME THROUGH MY EMAIL)

I will be waiting to hear from soon, you can also contact me through my phone...+20149965477. Contact me back with your references to know you are capable of taking care of our child.

jerry paul

Let me start by introducing my self , Am Mrs Dorris George ... 43 Years Old,from United Kingdom with my husband and kids, and i don't usually stays home unless during weekends.I do believe in God so much,what about you? My contact address is : 109 St. Thomas Street ,Manchester,M3 3BQ ,United Kingdom .
I have just 2 kids for now and their names are Betty 3yrs and Terry 5yrs. All i need from you is trust and honesty because i will not be at home with the kids and they are the only one left at home after me and their dad leave for work in the morning,I have an apartment room for he/she that would be taking care of my kids in my house and i will be paying you £ 1,200 every 3 weeks and a pocket money of £ 320 per week for the buying of some things for yourself .

You will be working 7 hours per day and your responsibility in my house is just to take care of my kids, also you will be taking them on shopping once in a while and also taking them to where the school bus will pick them up from which is just 1 km ahead from home.You will have a private room bathroom toilet and also if you wish to be having free period from 5 pm to 7pm is acceptable. So i will like you to get back to me if you are interested in being a nanny for my Kids and i do hope to hear from you soon.

Here are what you will gain from me if you wish to work as a nanny for my kids.
1:paying you £ 1,200 every 3 week and £ 320 per week for pocket money.
2:Having a private room and bathroom.
3:Having free period
4:After when i see that you work very well i shall increase your salary.
5:Free access to the Internet

Kindly reply to the email address below if
interested...( or you can add me to your messenger so that i can have interview with you.

Mrs. Dorris George

Dear Au-pair
Compliment of the day,We are a family who have two very sweet boys, they have an
age where they not exactly will need babysitting but when we are going out in
the evening (4-6) times a month.This is a Young family of (ages 34) We
live in at 639 Harrow Road Kensal Green London W2 3JA England.We would
like you to stay home taking care of them. We might sometimes need you
to help with the homework,follow them to sports activities and school,
the youngest Paul who will need this service! But we will endeavor
doing it as far as possible. We can promise you that we will take good
care of you and never make unreasonable demands, we are such a nice
family, and will do many things by ourselves, but we really need the
help filling out the hours on a week your working hours is just 8
hours a day.we will be paying you 800 pounds every month and 240
pounds per week for buying of some things for your self and I will
also be responsible for some of the money for your flight ticket We
love the enjoys with our children, and we love to spend our spare time
with them. We would like to have an au-pair who will enjoy being a
part of the family - but we will respect your way of living in your
spare time! If you like to go to school, sport ect., it is also
possible, we will figure out together how to plan the week for all of
us. You´ll get your own rooms, a bedroom and a living room,free
telephone,tv,web,computer,and internet access. We are a young British
couple, Katy and Scott with 2 very well behaved, loving and jolly
sweet boys, Tony aged 3 and Paul aged 4. Scott is an cavil engineer
and Katy who own company which procduce buttle water but twice a week
she is supposed to be on the road fighting for her little business!
Remember reading between the lines - that we really need an extra
hand. We have had au-pairs before, some of them have really been a hit
for all of us, and we miss them a lot, but we have also tried the
opposite. Not with the big drama, but we need aupairs who could´nt
fill out the position as an aupair. So it´s a little bit challenging
for you! :-) No, we really want it to be a win-win situation for you
and us, but you have to be honest with your selves and us from the
beginning so you would not get surprised. Ok?And if it is possible can
i have your phone number so that i can call you.E-mail
Best regards and hugs

I am Mary Lee,a worker with inwent intl company for Fifeen years.Just relocated to London,Uk some days ago.I have Three kids and am seeking for the services of a Special Adviser / a Car Driver and a Nanny outside the United Kingdom to come and work for me in the U.K.I am willing to offer One Thousand pounds sterling per week (1,000 pounds) and will Live in Special Adviser/ car driver and Nanny,provide monthly shopping allowances as well as accommodation as a live-in Personal Adviser/car driver and Nanny.. No Qualifications inclusive but must be able to speak ENGLISH little and writing Minimum But must be current with foreign affairs especially the Asia world..
If interested do reply to my email at

We are the Collins family, My Wife a Stock Broker,I'm a retired Pilot but presently running a Personal Business.We are out going,approachable and need someone to be a big sister to our little darlings.I will be very interested leaving my children to a good Caregiver for infants and am very interested in leaving our children in your care.We have two children the eldest is 7 he has mild Autistic traits but he is a fun loving Energetic child, and loves the out door things.He attends a Mainstream School a mile up the road from where we live.The smallest is 3 he is Friendly,lively loves playing games and in general is typical. He attends Nursery every day from 8:45am - 12:30am which is situated next to the school.We are urgently seeking for a Caregiver because I have to continue my project which will last me to the middle of next year and i will like to put my children in your care.My children are just lovers of computer games,not allergic and free to people especially to strangers.
I'm willing to pay $575 in a week for the care giver of my children,Kindly reply me Via my private email below if you are sure to care for them from Monday - Friday and let me know how much it would cost me

Kind Regards,
Collins Gold.

Dearest Aupair

My name is Sam Gillespie,We live in Uk.We are a family of 4, we have two little boys aged just over 1 year old and 4 years old .We live in the town of Maidenhead which is 30 mins by train away from London and close to Windsor. We both work fulltime monday - friday within the Travel Industry. We like spending time together and taking the boys out at the weekend. We enjoy going swimming, to the cinema and to the park.You can read more about our family on Au pair world :896832

Our 4 year old is a typical little boy who likes to play football, swimming watching films/cartoons. He likes to play games and is very good at puzzles.
Our 1 year old is a very clever baby he is in to everything and has just started walking in the past two months,. We also have a chocolate labrador who is house trained, 12 gerbils and a tropical fish tank. We have a newly decorated room for our au pair with its own TV and also internet access.

We ideally need someone to look after the boys during the working week, this will include playing games and drawing with lots of creative activites. Also trips to the local park. Light household chores like tidying the kids toys and preparing lunch for the boys and washing up afterwards.We expect you to be honest, responsible and be willing to assimilate into our life. We want you to feel like you are a part of our family, not like an employee and have the best time of your life enjoying your off time here in UK.

So if that sounds interesting to you, just drop us an email ( and feel free to ask us anything you would like to know


Mr's Sam Gillespie

Hello Aupair/Nanny,

Am Mr Chris Walker Darrick from United Kingdom, am a scientist and
researcher, my wife Mrs Penny Walker is a banker, we have two kids
Betty 4 years and Daniel 6 years, we are a very busy family, i do alot
of traveling due to the nature of my job and my wife on the other hand
closes late at work, we need a truth worthy and friendly person to
take care of our kids in our absence. We need you to take the kids to
school and bring them back home,, my kids
also like picnics and having fun so you will be a full part of the
family and have to take them to movies and picnic once a while, my
kids really liked our last aupair because she was friendly and took
them picnicking. I will be expecting your mail to know if you have a
Working Visa to work legally in UK and if you can drive to know if you
will make use of our spare car. we will also like to know when you
will be available to come over and the duration you can spend with my
family. I will be paying you 4,500 Pounds every 4 weeks and a pocket
fee of 850 Pounds weekly which I suppose should be Okay by you.
You will also have access to my body guard and two rooms in my
house if you will like to use that in my house, and also we have a spare Toyota
jeep for you and if you will like a smaller one that wont be a problem at all.

I hope to hear from you soon.

: Richard Franklin (#20808)

Hello how you doing. The service of a Child care giver/ assistant is need, If you are available and willing to offer this service please reach me on my private email through which i can check even while on the phone
Thank you

I just read about your profile and i am willing to give you a job with me. I have just 1 kid but i works in England now and i will like if you can work with me according to what is written in your profile. Kindly get back to me with your full name, address,mobile and phone number with your chatting email for yahoo messenger or MSN messenger. Reply direct to this email:

susan alex (#20111)

Hello Au pair/nanny,
We are the Alex's Family,We saw your profile at the website we are interested in you having you as Sarah and joe's Au pair/nanny Sarah 6 years and Joe 4 years old,they are both intelligent,understanding and cool We Reside in HATFIELD,HERTS in the United Kingdom,I'm an accountant with a construction company here in the U.K while my husband is a science lecturer in one of the college here .We are very busy with work so we are looking for an AuPair or Nanny that is flexible with our time and we will also be considerate with your own time and schedule.we love someone who is honest,trustworthy and understanding and we would like our aupair/nanny to be a comfortable care giving partner/companion/friend who is caring, flexible, and will have fun with our family. We really want someone who can interact,engage with the kids.We would really enjoy a light-hearted, fun, and enthusiastic person and We have a really good cleaner, so there wouldn't be any heavy housework. There is a bit of light cleaning and laundry which would take about 90 minutes a day in total.There would be plenty of time free in the day to go to language school, and there are a lot of good ones in the area.How does the aupair live:The au pair would have her own room, which is huge, and has a double bed, with sitting area and TV/DVD/Video/Hifi. There is wireless broadband internet in the house. Working hours:07.30 to 09.00 about 60-90 minutes of housework a day to fit in with the au pair's schedule. 25-30 hours a week. We are looking forward to the opportunity of meeting you and having you become a part of our happy family.So Let me know if you are ready to take up this position and how soon you can make it here Do you have a valid visa and other necessary to travel down here?
Mrs Alex